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I am constantly trading and buying chips, but will try to keep this list as updated as possible. I will also post the Chip Rack inventory number whenever possible for easy reference. Location abbreviations include, lv for Las Vegas, lgh for Laughlin, lt for Lake Tahoe, rno for Reno, nlv for North Las Vegas. The description will include as much about the chip as possible in the limited space available. Whenever possible, I will also include the chip manufacturer name. On some chips you will be able to view a picture by clicking on description.

Chip Rack # Casino Location Description Manufacturer
Aladdin lv 3rd CC>CC H&C
Aladdin lv 4th CC>CC H&C
Aladdin lv 5th CC>CC H&C
Aladdin lv Kenny G. New Years Paulson
Arizona Charlies lv 8th Anniversary H&C
Arizona Charlies lv Terri Clark black hat H&C
Arizona Charlies lv Terri Clark white hat H&C
Arizona Charlies lv USAF 50th H&C
Ballys lv USAF 50th B-29 H&C
Ballys lv USAF 50th Apache H&C
Ballys lv USAF 50th B-70 H&C
Ballys lv USAF 50th B-2B H&C
Ballys lv USAF 50th F-15 H&C
Ballys lv Dice Clay Paulson
Barcelona lv USAF 50th F-14 Paulson
Boomtown lv 1st Anniversary H&C
Boomtown lv Halloween 96 Paulson
Boomtown lv Wake The Dragon Paulson
Boomtown lv Big game Feast Paulson
Boomtown lv New Year 97 Paulson
Boomtown lv Valentines 97 Paulson
Boomtown lv Final 97 Paulson
Boomtown lv Memorial Day 97 Paulson
Buffalo Bills lv House H&C
Buffalo Bills lv House $1 H&C
Ceasars lv House Blue $1 House mold
Ceasars lv Magical Empire H&C
Ceasars lv Planet Hollywood opening H&C
Ceasars lv Atlantis Tower H&C
California lv Richard Petty H&C
Circus Circus rno Emmett Kelly matched set Chipco
Desert Inn lv Rediscover the legend H&C
Edgewater lgh River Run 96 H&C
Fiesta lv 1st anniversary H&C
Fiesta lv 2nd Anniversary Paulson
Fiesta lv 3rd Anniversary Paulson
Fiesta lv USAF 50th H&C
Fiesta lv Mars Landing H&C
Flamingo lv Red house chip House
Flamingo lgh Classic Car Cadillac H&C
Flamingo lv Bugsy Segal 50th House
Flamingo lgh Nevada gold Museum H&C
Flamingo rno Flight For Freedom matched set Paulson
Four Queens lv Fremont Street Experience H&C
Four Queens lv 30th Anniversary Paulson
Fremont lv Richard Petty H&C
Gold Coast lv Rodeo 96 Set house
Hard Rock lv Bob Seger H&C
Hard Rock lv Chili Peppers H&C
Hard Rock lv Jimi Hendrix $25 H&C
Hard Rock lv 1st Anniversary H&C
Hard Rock lv Sheryl Crow H&C
Hard Rock lv Xmas 95 H&C

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