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I promise I am going to start scanning my collection in and post these pictures.

Casino chip collecting is one of the fastest growing hobbies of the 90's. I began this hobby about three years ago while visiting Las Vegas and noticed that one of the Fiesta Casino chips I was holding was a first anniversary on one side, and New Years on the other. Thought this chip was neat, and just kept it. Throughout that trip looked at other casinos, and noticed their chips were nice looking too, so just kept some.

With the advent of internet access in my house, I began looking on the WWW, and found a whole bunch of people with the same interest as mine. Quite a few of theses people have been collecting for years, and are extremely knowledgeable about chips.

What I will try and do on this section of the Mile High Web, is to list my inventory of chips from Nevada, Colorado, misc. chips from other places, and also to keep an updated links page to other collectors and services. If you have a site that you would like me to add a link to, please e-mail me with your site address.

I am always interested in trading chips to add to my collection and yours. I can also get most of the Colorado Casino current, and some past chips to trade for chips that you have. Please e-mail me with what you would like, and what you have to trade! I am a proud member of the CC>CC, R-3030. To find out more about joining please click on the links page.
Please click on one of the below links to see what I have and make sure to check the links page for fellow collectors

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