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As my web site attests, I am very fortunate to live in Colorado for many reasons, one of them being that I have casinos forty minutes from home;(Central City and Blackhawk). Cripple Creek is about two hours. The below table includes chips from Central City (cc), Blackhawk (bh), Cripple Creek (cc1), and some miscellaneous chips from cruise ships, etc. I really want to start collecting cruise ships and river boats, but have not had time yet. I try and go up "the hill" as the locals call it, fairly often to collect, and try to keep up on the news. All chips are $5.00 unless otherwise noted. If you need current chips from Colorado, e- mail me and we can figure out a trade!

Chip Rack # Casino Location Description Manufacturer
Black Hawk Station bh House locomotive, closed window chipco
Famous Bonanza cc Lou Bunch Day chipco
Famous Bonanza cc Harley Fest 97 chipco
Bronco Billys bh house $5 hot stamp
Bronco Billys bh Closing Set (5) chips chipco
Bronco Billys bh $1 token house
Bull Durham bh Bull Set stackable chipco
Central Station bh $2.50 house pink chip chipco
Central Station bh 3rd Anniversary Christmas chipco
Central Station bh Veterans Day 97 set (4) chipco
Eureka bh Blanca Peak chipco
Eureka bh Mt. Massive chipco
Eureka bh La Plata Peak chipco
Eureka bh Mt Harvard chipco
Eureka bh Mt Elbert chipco
Fitzgeralds bh St Patricks Day chipco
Gilpin bh 1st Anniversary chipco
Gilpin bh Year of the Rat 96 chipco
Gold Mine bh House $2.50 pink chipco
Jazz Alley bh house chipco
Lady Luck cc House $1 hot stamp
Lady Luck cc House $5 hot stamp
Lucky Strike cc 96 Royal Flush set chipco
Ottos bh 5th Anniversary matched set chipco
Petes Place cc House $5 chipco
Teller House cc House .50 chipco
Teller House cc House $1 chipco
Teller House cc 5th Anniversary chipco
Sea Escape Florida House $1 chipco
Sea Escape Florida House $5 chipco
Mohegan Sun Conneticut House One Buck H&C

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