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How To Track Your Car While On Rail

First of all, I would like to thank Adam Hansen for compiling this information. He is the one who got it all together. I am just posting it to my web site to help people waiting for their cars. This information should work for all General Motors products shipped by rail to their final destinations.

You have to wait until the car is back to GM and loaded on a train.

First: call the GM dealer assistance center (888)414-6322. Listen to the prompts. You will press '1' all the way until it tells you to press '1' for Chevy or '2' for Pontiac. Then it will connect you to a person. You need the order #(6 digits), dealer code #(5 digits like xx-xxx), vin #. You are pretending to be a dealer so give your salesman's name and dealership's name when asked who's calling. (To get the dealer code you can just go to the dealership and look at a window sticker from a car on the lot. The number is down at the bottom center of the window sticker of every car.) The operator will give you a shipping # which should be something like ettx902039(mine).

Second: With the shipping # go to Canadian Pacific RR's website at Click on "E-commerce", then "Equipment tracking". Plug that shipping # into the box and click "Trace". I followed mine to Blue Island, IL where it was transferred to another line.

Third: Once it comes into the states (assuming it's not a Canadian car) it will be transferred to another line. At that point it got a little confusing. From the website it should tell you what line it was switched to--eg. CSXT. Check the dates on the trace page. If they don't match up, call CPRR at 888-999-8111 and go thru the system to trace a vehicle. Find out what line they sent it to and get their phone #. I had to get on the phone and track it down because it was on a small intermediate line that didn't have a website. Eventually my car was put on BNSF and I've been tracking on their website since.

Some additional phone #'s: BNSF 800-809-8673, CSXT 800-356-4201, IHB 219-989-4751, Conrail 800-ACTION-1. My car started on Canadian Pacific RR, then went to IHB for a short trip, then onto BNSF for the trip from Indiana to CA. Some of these lines offer website tracking (CPRR, BNSF for example) while others have website tracking for 'customers only'. Most will allow tracking over the phone however.

There are some other things I have learned while tracking my car. The trains actually take the cars to a depot yard where they are unloaded. From there a trucking company then delivers the cars to the dealerships. Cars usually sit at the yard for up to a week before they are delivered to the dealership. I am sure there are ways to track by trucking company, but have not really looked into it.

Thanks again to Adam Hansen for compiling this information for all us obsessive/compulsive types who have had to wait Months and Months for our toys!

Dave Stock
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