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This car is FOR SALE

Asking $21,900. Price is negotiable but I can't give it away obviously. This car will eat any Cobra or Firehawk - I have done it. Gas Mileage with the gears in the rear continues to be 20 MPG to and from work. Make me an Offer. This car is rarer than firehawks and numbered for collectibility. First automatic Dennis did I believe on the 98's and Number 12 of 200 he built for each 98 model year

Owner: Matt Carroll "Techno" on

Location: San Diego, CA

Car: 1998 Mecham Formula #12

Factory Equipment: Car Came as a A4/3.23 rear/Aluminum Drive shaft/T-Tops/CD Player-Stereo/Leather(dark gray)/Chrome Rims/Z rated 16 inch which will easily make it to 36k Miles/California smogged.


Quarter Mile Time: ????

Dyno Horse Power: 320+

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Dave Stock
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